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Transform your physiotherapy clinic into
a Benchmark for the sector.

Polisalute Medical Centre has achieved the perfect blend between physiotherapy and fitness. How? Thanks to PRAMA, an innovative tool that turns rehabilitation sessions into unique experiences tailored to each patient.

Tailored goals,
guaranteed results.

“Every patient achieves their desired outcomes, which is why they keep coming back. A competent physiotherapist must be able to create personalised circuits, and know how to adapt the PRAMA therapeutic training to the needs and goals of each patient”.

Giancarlo Casati

PRAMA Polisalute Coordinator

Motivation in every
rehabilitation session.


“I am thrilled with the PRAMA system. This gym helps to motivate my patients. People are tired of the usual format of gyms where they don’t receive proper follow-ups. Thanks to the music, lights, and its interactive methodology, I ensure my patients enjoy the rehabilitation process”.

Giancarlo Casati

PRAMA Polisalute Coordinator

More patients,
greater satisfaction.


“It’s exhilarating to see how we’ve gone from being empty to having to close registrations due to capacity. The demand for rehabilitation sessions in PRAMA is huge, but unfortunately, we can’t accept more people due to limited space. The success has been undeniable”.

Giancarlo Casati

PRAMA Polisalute Coordinator

Innovation for rehabilitation
and physiotherapy.

PRAMA merges technology, motivation, music, and lights to create a unique rehabilitation environment where patients and therapists achieve results in a fun, personalised, and interactive way.


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