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Meet GuFie Experience

GuFie has reached an age range of 3-87 years old with a versatile interactive group training offering.

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A fun and accesible

“Our members love the “game” element, and the software allows us to adapt the intensity and the level to every user. They love to train together across generations, which fits our GuFie concept perfectly.”

Julia Akinwale

Managing Director

Gamification & technology.

“The interactive nature means you don’t think the same way as a normal boring training session. Our members, no matter the age, love the fun factor, and Bootiq software makes each training a challenging surprise.”

Adeniyi Akinwale

Managing Director

Versatile & efficient.

“The flexibility of Bootiq makes possible to tailor the group training for each target group, making it a unique experience for everyone. The interactive group training is absolutely suitable for novice or fitness experts”.

Julia Akinwale

Managing Director

Fun and flexibility.
The key to success.

From an initial 250 members when they opened in 2017, Bootiq has helped GuFiE grow to a current total of 650 members in less than 2 years. The 160% increase in membership is very much due to the wonderful feedback received from customers to family and friends.

Get ir right.
Nailed it like BodyHiit.

We are proud to have helped BodyHiit to enhance its boutique-style group training experience.

We have helped some of best fitness brands to design and deliver their own boutique-style concepts.

Talk to our specialist and we will help you to build a unique experience according to your needs