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Enhance retention
with engaging workouts.

Endorfin propels training into immersion by incorporating PRAMA, a turn-key solution based on technology, gamification, and programming. Through an immersive fusion of music and lights, members are drawn into engaging workouts like never before.

Motivational and effective sessions
with tangible results.

“With PRAMA, our dynamic classes make achieving results a fast and enjoyable journey for members. Progressing with us means not only tangible outcomes but also embracing the fun and engaging aspects of our approach to fitness”.

Michael Svanöe

Endorfin Manager

Membership growth
and commitment.

Fast, fun,

“Acquiring new members is a primary focus for us. The PRAMA experience plays a crucial role in ensuring users commit to a consistent training routine”.

Michael Svanöe

Endorfin Manager

Immersive and engaging
greater satisfaction.

A new way
of training.

“Thanks to the screens and videos, newcomers can fully engage in the class with the coach’s hands-on support. This allows the coach to motivate members, and provide personalised assistance, exercise corrections, and encouragement, ensuring a tailored experience for all”.

Michael Svanöe

Endorfin Manager

Boutique fitness

PRAMA has transformed the fitness experience at Endorfin by blending technology, diverse programming, and personalized guidance. Through its immersive environment and innovative features, members achieve remarkable results while enjoying a fun and engaging workout. With hands-on support from trainers, pre-programmed classes, and heart rate monitors, PRAMA offers fast, effective, and enjoyable fitness sessions at Endorfin.


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