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Meet the Dreamfit Experience

Immersive effect for group training

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Bootiq made us
a better gym.

“The goal was to find something unique. With Bootiq, we have managed to create a fully immersive and multifunctional experience, and this has given us a differentiating advantage compared to other alternatives.”.

David Ballesteros

Dreamfit Digital Fitness Coordinator

A distinctive technology.

“There is nothing like Bootiq. Thanks to this technology, when a person enters and enjoys the training session, they see that it is a completely different experience: videos that guide you, lights that set the mood and music that is asking you to train or to rest.”

Adrián Sánchez

Dreamfit studio Director  – San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid, Spain)

A unique experience.

“The atmosphere generated with Bootiq allows people to get 100% out of the training sessions and the trainer can focus on motivating the members in each session.

Adrián Sánchez

Dreamfit studio Director  – San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid, Spain)

Bootiq effect.
A Premium effect.

The new boutique concept of group training is one of the main differentiating elements of Dreamfit’s new proposal to reinforce its smart price positioning.

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