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BodyHiit takes the group training into the future with technology, gamification, music and lights.

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A new motivating

“A new investment, innovative, creative, technological and motivating. Today, people need to connect and BodyHiit provides exactly that connection between people.”

Rodolfo Freitas

BodyHiit Founder

Gamification & technology.

“We saw a market with monotonous workouts and BodyHiit offers different stimuli, with gamification, generating results, as well as interaction and motivation.”

Simone Padilha

BodyHiit partner & Runaway owner

Key to success.

“I felt the need to innovate. I found this product in Spain and I decided to adapt it to what we have today in BodyHiit. Our goal is to open 200 new BodyHiit boutique studios in Brazil in the next coming years.”

Rodolfo Freitas

BodyHiit owner

More than just training.
Gamification is key.

Energy, result, fun, play and performance are the pillars that drive the BodyHiit new environment. It is a group training that constantly challenges users, but everyone can go at their own pace

Get ir right.
Nailed it like BodyHiit.

We are proud to have helped BodyHiit to enhance its boutique-style group training experience.

We have helped some of best fitness brands to design and deliver their own boutique-style concepts.

Talk to our specialist and we will help you to build a unique experience according to your needs